23-10—AFRALTI - Training

Cava Consulting in conjunction with Inveneo delivered an IT training at AFRALTI for 23 individuals from 10 African countries.

They were funded by The Inter-Telecommunications Union.

1-on-1 Consulting

Isaya Opondo, Synergy Informatics Ltd, Nairobi

2013 FIRE Africa Grant Winner: Integrated Management System for Continuous Medical Education.

1-on-1 Consulting

Bernard Adongo, Nikohapa Ventures Ltd, Nairobi

2013 FIRE Africa Award Winner: Nikohapa Customer Engagement Platform.


100 - Consulting

James Chinedu hired Cava Consulting for small business consulting support for the creation of House of Spag a uniquely trendy and tasty was to enjoy Nigerian cuisine in Abudja, Nigeria.

After 100 hours of individual consulting, House of Spag has a fully actionable business plan with financing and operations in place, ready to launch.


9- Training

Nine FIRE Grant/Award winners are on their way to Pointe Noire, Congo to take part in the FIRE Africa Workshop on Business Development Knowledge & Skills (Part 2).

Held during the AFRINIC-23 Meeting, taking place from 28 November-4 December, the workshop will equip the participants with knowledge about finance, accounting, corporate structures, funding sources and the financial reporting required for the FIRE Africa programme. learn more


$70,000 USD - Consulting

Cava Consulting was hired by Sauce Tartare Plus, a small restaurant on the corner of SOBRAGA in Libreville, Gabon, to help with strategic planning and growth. In less than two years Sauce Tartare Plus grew from $10,000 USD and 4 staff to over $70,000 USD and 20 staff. Here are some clips of the owner.


15 - Training

Cava Consulting delivered a two-day workshop for 15 small business IT companies in Winneba, Ghana.

It covered such topics as Marketing, Management, Finance and Operations.

1-on-1 Consulting

Amos WUSSAH, Farmerline Ltd, Accra

2014 FIRE Africa Grant Winner: - Mobile technology platform to provide relevant and timely agricultural information to farmers.


8 - Training

Cava Consulting was rehired by AFRINIC to deliver an intensive 2-day training in French for the applicants of the The Fund for Internet Research and Education (FIRE programme).

The training was held in Djibouti City, Djibouti with four different countries represented from across the African continent.

This intensive training in proposal writing, sales, and innovation was reported as extremely helpful on the final survey results from all participants.

The FIRE programme is a proud member of the Seed Alliance, helping ideas to grow.



Cava Consulting in conjunction with Inveneo delivered an IT training at Makerere University for 22 individuals from all across Uganda.

They were funded by The Inter-Telecommunications Union.

Ivory Coast

15 - Training

Cava Consulting was hired by AFRINIC to deliver an intensive 2-day training in French for the applicants of the The Fund for Internet Research and Education (FIRE programme).

The FIRE Programme is a grants and awards program designed to encourage and support the development of solutions to information and communication needs in the African Region, emphasizing the role of the Internet in the social and economical development for the benefit of the African community.

The FIRE programme is a proud member of the Seed Alliance, helping ideas to grow.

1-on-1 Consulting

Jean Delmas EHUI,, Abidjan

2014 FIRE Africa Award Winner: Lôr Bouôr - an integrated platform that links Ivorian agricultural stakeholders.

1-on-1 Consulting

Idriss Martial Monthe, Cintecore Ltd, Abidjan

Winner: Platform for the promotion, management and sale of African ccTLDs via mobile payment.


12 - Training

Cava Consulting was hired to train 12 FIRE Program recipients in Sales & Marketing for their various small business ventures that were originally funded by the FIRE Program. This two day training covered such topics as Marketing, Primary & Secondary Market Research, Branding, Relationship Selling, Pricing, and Competitive Analysis.

Here are just a few of the comments from the participants of the workshop after two days of intensive training:

“The training was great! My marketing team was wowed by the Marketing Plan I drafted on the first day of the training. The systematic approach to marketing really was an eye-opener. So that's what we're executing on now. We had been waiting for a budget but it turns out that there's lots we can do even with the limited budget we have. It has been the most fruitful training I've ever attended.” - Bernard Adongo, Technologist In Residence at m:lab East Africa - Kenya

Cava Consulting Trainings… “do not just give you Marketing and Sales tools: they make you a sales and marketing expert through his training sessions. FJ is a genius who disrupts the concept ‘Marketing is the reserve of some special ones’. Irrespective of your qualification or professional background, he can cause you to exploit your marketing potentials.” - Schandorf Adu Bright, Value Chain Director. Farmerline limited, Ghana

Allow Cava Consulting to help your team reach its full potential. Contact Us today and we can work together towards that goal.

1-on-1 Consulting

Majdi Calboussi, Tunisia Ecotourism Network, Tunis

2014 FIRE Africa Grant Winner: SmartEco - An online store offering various ecotourism products in Tunisia.


1-on-1 Consulting

Bruno Souop Soufo, Novazen Ltd, Yaounde

2014 FIRE Africa Grant Winner: Taximobile - Platform linking taxi users and drivers in Yaounde, Cameroon.


1-on-1 Consulting

Ian Mutamiri, University of Zimbabwe, Harare

2013 FIRE Africa Grant Winner: The Shona E-Reader/MyNatiV App.

South Africa

1-on-1 Consulting

Jayson Johannes, CommuniNet Ltd, Cape Town

2013 FIRE Africa Grant Winner: Uplifting the Community through technology.


San Mateo

99,000 - Policy

Cava Consulting was contracted by the city of San Mateo to evaluate, propose and implement a small business growth and retention program for the North B Street Improvement Initiative, affecting over 99,000 residents of the City of San Mateo.


$5+ Million USD

Since 2013, FJ Cava has served on the Loan Committee approving millions of dollars for small business in California.

Established in 1978, Northern California Small Business Financial Development Corporation (Nor-Cal FDC) provides innovative funding solutions for Small Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and throughout the State of California.

San Francisco

36,000 - Consulting

Auntie April’s hired Cava Consulting to help negotiate with their landlord a new and more favorable lease in order to stay in business and continue to provide awesome chicken and waffles to over 36,000 residence of Bayview.

1+1=1 - Consulting

Laurel Anderson hired Cava Consulting to work with her on a business plan in order to implement her vision of helping couples create wedding days that are as meaningful as they are stunning.

0% - consulting

Cava Consulting worked with the owners of All Season Restaurant, the City of San Francisco and a local lawyer to draft a management plant that allowed All Season Restaurant to re-open in a timely manner and lose 0% of the staff, earning potential, and customer base.

2 - Consulting

Marcel & Gregory Banks of Frisco Fried hired Cava Consulting to advise on the their small business loan in order to open their doors and deliver excellent soul food at affordable prices.

1 - consulting

Yvonne Hines obtained the services of Cava Consulting in order to help her with technology for Yvonnes Southern Sweets. We helped her obtain an appropriate point-of-sale system and inventory tracking allowing her to simplify her life and sell more sweets!

Palo Alto

Saved $10K+ - Consulting

Fountaine Information Systems contracted with Cava Consulting to increase efficiency in there daily operations at a savings of over $10.000+.

Cava Consulting did an operational assessment using current business evaluation tools that allowed FIS to see where they could streamline processes and adopt new procedures in order to save money and time.


3,000 - Number Of Increased orders

After 10 hours of intensive consulting, Seedles grew their sales from 100 to 3,000 almost over night with marketing support and consulting guidance.

Seedles are rainbow bright balls of seed, compost, and clay. We’ve done the heavy lifting by designing Seedles to practically grow themselves. They add fun and vibrant colors to your neighborhood while benefitting local pollinators. All you have to do is throw them and grow them.


20.72% - Policy

Cava Consulting along with its NGO partner Inveneo designed, implemented, monitored and evaluated and comprehensive small business growth program called BATI (Bati Anfòmatik Teknisyen yo ak Inveneo).

This program recruited, trained and deployed over 62 small business throughout rural Haiti giving local access to high-speed Internet and creating self-employment throughout the country. It success was measured on many dimensions. Two of which were:

  • By April 2012, the broadband network covered 20.72% of the Haitian population.
  • A networked group of local IT entrepreneurs who have built their own businesses, acquired clients, hired employees, obtained ISP contracts, and enjoyed increased incomes

64 - Training

Cava Consulting along with its NGO partner Inveneo trained a total of 64 IT entrepreneurs in marketing, management, finance and operations, throughout six provinces of Haiti: Artibonite, Cap Haitien, West, South East, Central Plateau and Grand Anse.

Je profite encore de vous féliciter pour ce programme, il est vraiment utile à tous ceux qui font partie et il porte du succès dans leurs entreprises » – I would like to again take this opportunity to thank the program; it is truly useful for everyone and the help that is needed to create a successful business.

Nous avons beaucoup parlé de mon business, et elle m’a donné des bons conseils. » – We have spoken a lot about my business, and [my mentor] has given me a lot of great advice.

Antigua And Barbuda

40 hours - Training

Cava Consulting organized a small business workshop jointly with the Telecommunication Development Bureau of the ITU, the Antigua and Barbuda Institute of Information and Technology (ABIIT), one of the Nodes of the ITU Centres of Excellence Network for the Caribbean region.

It was an intensive 5-day course to help participants create practical and effective business plans for the sustainability and growth of their already existing small businesses. It addressed all aspects of starting and growing a small business including marketing, management, finance and operations.

This course also offered concrete tools for the implementation of the business plan. It allowed those with previously-acquired strong set of practical skills (such as ICT skills) to translate them into the creation of small businesses.
There were fourteen students representing fourteen businesses in Antigua. All the classes took place at ABIIT.