What is Business intelligence (BI).  This refers to an assortment of programming applications used to examine important information of an organization.  BI is comprised of a few related exercises, including reporting, data mining and querying.  When used properly, Business Intelligence can assist your business in cutting costs and improving your decision making process.

Here are a few BI programs:

  1. Oracle
  2. Sisense
  3. Intelex Business Management Software
  4. Adaptive Suite


Certain franchises such as restaurant chains are avid users of BI software.  They utilize BI to settle on vital choices for their businesses.  For example, what new items to add to their menus, which dishes to expel and which dishes aren’t doing well enough to be sold to the public. They likewise utilize BI for strategic matters, for example, renegotiating contracts with nourishment providers and distinguishing chances to enhance wasteful procedures.  One component of BI is Business Analytics which is the collection and reviewing of various data relating to your business.  Businesses whose decisions are solely based on the results of their business use Business Analytics a lot.

When implementing a BI system in your organization, you should first take into consideration the functions of the business i.e, the way the business collects information, processes information and displays information.  

Some benefits of BI:

  1. You can cut the costs of your business
  2. Your decisions will be based off of solid facts.
  3. It can help improve your ability to make negotiations for your business

When done properly, decision making should be more efficient to maximize the operations of the organization.