Cava Consulting continues to make strides, either as a company, or through its individuals.

Recently, Cava Consulting CEO FJ Cava was recognized for his contributions to the Northern California Small Business Financial Development Corporation Loan Committee (Nor-Cal FDC).
In part, as a result of his participation on the loan committee which has approved over 500 loans, valuing more than US$90 million in loans for SMEs in California.

Nor-Cal FDC was founded in 1978 to assist small businesses in obtaining financing. Nor-Cal FDC is a public benefit corporation chartered and regulated by the Governor’s Office for Business Development (GO-Biz).

Working with the California State Loan Guaranty Program, Nor-Cal FDC provides the “guarantee” or collateral to mitigate the risk of financing the loan. The company is committed to and specializes in helping those individuals that do not meet traditional lending guidelines.

To see the letter of acknowledgement, click here.